Steel Adhesive Spreader

£ 500.00

Steel spreaders are primarily used with our steel mixers, again for the application of polyurethane adhesives and epoxy resins for manufacturing sandwich panels; the spreader and mixer is available at various lengths and number of mixing elements depending on the ratio of 2-component resin or glue being dispensed. The brass nozzles are brought separately meaning the spreader is very long lasting, cleaning is recommended using a solvent flush system.

The steel mixers used in this setup have nuts on each end one connects to the spreader and one to the meter-mix valve using an adaptor, an extension pipe can be fitted between the mixer and spreader to cover large sandwich panel surface area.

The inlet is an 18L elbow and the outlet brass nozzles have 2 mm outlets and are in two slightly off-set rows of 49 (98 total)