Jolly Injection Pump

£ 2379.00

The Jolly for injection, works with a Piston pump using a hydraulic circuit with an electric motor. Thanks to the particular valve, you decide your working pressure, once you reach this pressure the valve switches the circuit to by-pass mode and the job is complete.

Comes complete with:-

  • 15M Antipulsation  Ø 1/4" hose with M16 x 1.5 fitting.
  • Ball Valve
  • M10 x 1 fitting.
  • High pressure gauge.
  • M16 x 1.5 MF revolving fitting.
  • Double concentrate scale 0-400 BAR and 0-5800 PSI

Technical Data
Maximum delivery: 1.9 Litre/minute.
Motor Power: 0.65 Kw
Maximum Pressure: 220 BAR
Voltage: 110v/240v
Weight on frame: 15Kg
Weight on trolley: 16Kg
Minimum Generator Power: 4Kw Single-phase

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