Contractor Paint Spraying Equipment

Rockingham Systems are suppliers of Larius Paint Spraying contractor equipment, along with supply our services include on or off-site servicing, commissioning and training.

All of our contractor equipment is available in our store.

Included in the contractor Paint Spraying range is:-

Airless Electric Piston and Diaphragm Pump sprayers

Both Piston and Diaphragm Pump Sprayers are designed for high pressure paint spraying without atomising air, powered either pneumatically, 110V (115V), 240V (220V) or with a petrol motor. Within this range solutions are available for the following uses:-

  • Paint products such as:- lacquers, water based paints, acrylics, enamels, emulsions, primers and under-coats.
  • Specialist paints such as:- Impregnates, Anti-rust, bitumen, encapsulates, waterproofing, isolants, protective, Epoxy resin and intumescents. 
  • Course Products such as:- Stucco, smoothers, leveling plaster, pre-mixed plaster (granulometry 0.0), fillers, fixatives and elastomers.

Texture Sprayers for Dense and Aggregate Products

We supply sprayers for dense and aggregate products using either diaphragm or peristaltic pumps, powered by either compressed air, 110V (115V) or 240V (220V). This range is suitable for use twith the following products (upto 3mm granolumetry):-

  • Stucco, plaster, cement and fillers.
  • Fibre Coatings.
  • Sealants.
  • Acoustic Foam

Resin Injection Pumps

We offer both 1 and 2-Component resin injection pumps, these can be powered pneumatically, 110V (115V) or 240V (220V). 
Many can run using two seperate guns and can be cold or heated, running at capacities between 1.9 and 40 Litres per minute.

2-Component Paint Mixing, Dosing and Spraying Equipment

The 2K spraying and mixing equipment provides painting with reliability and full mixing accuracy with either 2K water based or 2K solvent based paints.
These systems can be fitted with heaters for certain products and come with an integrated solvent cleaning pump that flushes through the system.
Easy to set-up and operate with mixing ratio controls, pot life alarms and failure alarms, our 2K sprayers do all the hard work for you.

Professional Road Marking Machines

Our range of professional airless road marking machines come in a range of manual push or self-propelled systems all incorporating a high quality Yamaha Motor.
2 Component versions are available and we have variations to suit small, medium and Large applications.
Coupled with this each of our line markers can be equipped with manual hand spray guns which when used with our A-Z and symbol templates can really cover any road marking application.   

Sandblasting Systems

Our free jet sandblasting systems are "top of the range", used to prepare any surface for painting or protective treatments. By hitting the surface at high speed with abrasives (sand) it can eliminate any trace of rust, varnish and old surface coatings bringing the work piece back to its original state.
The capacities of our sandblasters are:-

  • 24 Litre per minute.
  • 115 Litre per minute.
  • 215 Litre per minute.

Industrial Pneumatic Hydro Cleaners (Jet-Wash)

The Jet-wash's we supply are configured using either our 23:1 or 10:1 Stainless Steel Pumps.

They are very effective used with hot or cold water for heavy duty industrial applications.