3 Component Adhesive Automatic Application Systems

Barkvall System 3600 3K 3 Component Adhesive Application System for the Manufacture of Large Panels

System 3600 is designed for automatic dispensing of three component medium viscosity adhesives and resins. The system is suitable for sandwich panel industrial production such as truck bodies, mobile chassis, caravans, SIPS, Modular Homes and more. Where an even and accurate adhesive spreading is required, System 3600 improves the quality of the final product, simplifies production and improves the working environment.
Three Component Adhesive Systems are designed specifically to reduce press times, this is achieved by metering and mixing two base adhesives at varying ratios from 100:0 and 0:100, this is managed by its precise measuring systems, flow controls and ratio temperature compensation system.

The machine works automatically on wheel tracks along a multiple of vacuum tables. The machine is easy to control with the operator panel. To set the panel size, locate the laser pointer to the panel corner and push start button. 

The complete system also includes two system 3200 meter units and mixer gun with static disposable mixing tubes and spreader bar. Base and hardener pumps can be placed a long distance from the machine which simplifies the adhesive container or drum handling.

The meter units in System 3600 contains two displacement pistons each, which are mechanically linked together and the mixing ratio is fixed between base and hardener. Massflow meter units for base and hardener can be used control mixing ratio and coat weight.

Benefits include:-

  • Adjustable open times to suit panel and production needs.
  • Reads temperature in real time and adjusts ratio to suit.
  • Disposable mixers and spreaders eliminate the costly solvent flushing process.
  • Linear volumetric cylinders guarantee correct ratio.
  • Faster application - choose between indexing or diamond bead.
  • Flow controls that are not in contact with adhesive, therefore preserving instrumentation.
  • Modest maintenance cost due to straightforward design.
  • Remote modem support.
  • Programable recipes for repeat production.
  • Lifetime technical support.

Typical Layout Maximum rail length:100M
Press time savings with Barkvall System 3600 3K