1-Component Adhesive Manual Application

There are three different variations of the 1 part manual Gluing systems and one semi-automatic gluing system, each with different ranges of capacity which all offer:-
  • Strong robust pumping system. 
  • Low maintenance design. 
  • Spreader for optimum adhesive beading.
  • Protective fluid storage box to prevent spreader curing during downtime. 
  • Available with optional trolley.
These systems are suitable for pumping and spreading many different types of adhesives such as Polyurethanes, PVA, PVC and Silicones.

Manual 1-Component Glue pumping and Spreading Equipment


The 1K_M is our entry level model for the pumping and spreading of 1-component adhesives.
It is very easy to set-up, run and maintain and can run up to 3 litres a minute.


The 1K_MHC is the next step up for 1 part dipensing equipment offering a higher capacity of up to 6 Litres a minute.

It is again very easy to set up, run and maintain, and can be supplied with either drums or an IBC 


The 1K_MHV is designed for dispensing or spreading high viscosity (paste) Adhesives as well as Silicone's, Oils and Lubricants with a capacity of up to 3 Litres a minute. 
This system uses a pressure plate extrusion system to force the product into a high capacity pump which can then dispense into a nozzle or spreader.


1-Component Adhesive Advanced Manual (Semi-automatic glue application)

1K_AM "Advanced Manual"

The Advanced Manual is the cost-effective link between automatic and manual application of adhesive, it gives automatic style production speed for a manual price.
As a system it dispenses 1-Component Moisture Cure PU and then on the return pass it applies water spray. The system is made for panels up to 1220mm making it ideal for the production of doors and SIPS.
This is all activated manually by the operator pressing buttons and moving the unit along the guide rails.