Welcome To Rockingham Systems

Suppliers of Multi Component Adhesive and Resin Application Systems

Experts in adhesive application & metering equipment for 1, 2 & 3 component adhesives & resins, including automatic or manual mixing and dispensing machine systems (Meter Mix) as well as Fluid Transfer, Supply Pumping, extrusion and spraying equipment.

We offer bonded panel technology, adhesive dispensing equipment and glue application systems; machines can be standard or bespoke to suit customers production, adhesive or resin type. With our expertise in adhesive application systems and with the range of resin dispensing machines available we have solutions to suit your needs.

With over 25 years’ experience serving the Sandwich Panel, Truck Trailer, Sip, Lamination, Façade & Door industries to name a few, we feel at Rockingham Systems we really do offer the whole package for adhesive dispensing systems, which we tailor to our customers’ needs be it a stand-alone system, production line or continuous panel production line systems.

Our business is based upon increasing production, reducing labour cost or reducing adhesive wastage/over-use and all the above. With this outlook we grow and adapt as our customer’s do too.

Industrial Coatings, Pumping and Fluid Transfer Systems

Contractor Paint Spraying Equipment

Suppliers of Industrial Coatings equipment, pumping and fluid transfer systems including:-

  • Paint sprayers and booths (automatic and manual).
  • Electrostatic powder coating and sandblasting equipment.
  • Protective coating sprayers (including zinc sprayers).
  • 2-Component Paint metering, mixing and dosing systems.
  • Fluid transfer systems.
  • Production line liquid feed systems (including oils & lubricants).
  • Extrusion Systems for viscous materials.
  • Pneumatic Hydro Cleaners.

Suppliers of Construction spray and coatings equipment, including:-

  • Airless Electric Piston Pump paint sprayers.
  • Airless Electric Diaphragm Pump paint sprayers.
  • Free Flowing Shot Blasters.
  • 2-Component Out-door Electric Mixing & Dosing Paint Sprayers.
  • Resin Sprayers.
  • Pneumatic Hydro Cleaners.
  • Sandblasting equipment.
  • HVLP Turbine Sprayers.
  • Airless Road Marking Systems with petrol or battery (line painting).

To supply this equipment we have partnered with Larius S.r.l, an ISO9001 company with ATEX certifications founded in 1969. This partnership allows us to join our hydraulic, pneumatic and pumping expertise, on or off-site service engineers and consultancy with Larius's impeccable manufacturing capabilities and support network.